Your content is unlikely to speak to your reader the way you want it to without appropriate formatting of the interior pages. To leave a lasting impact on your target readers’ minds it is essential to give your work a powerful layout with the assistance of Go Blossoms Publishing Inc.

Whether it be the page color, line spacing, font placement and size, paragraph breaks, or a missed punctuation mark, our team will hunt for the tiniest errors and professionally format the content to appear as the perfect layout of your words.

Scroll through our formatting services if you are ready to level up the reading experience of your book.

Basic Formatting

Best for book scripts that require a simply laid out structure, our basic formatting service includes a text-only layout. This makes is highly suitable for religious books, memoirs biographies, and poetry, as well as specific pieces of fiction.

If you wish to include indexing as part of the formatting, this shouldn’t be the service you opt for. The basic formatting includes service only a table of contents. Nor will you receive any images, nor complex formatting in this package.

Customized Interior

A favorite of authors of all genres, the customized interior formatting services gives users many more options to get the messages of their books across to readers more interactively. Instead of simple text, authors can take advantage of images and appealing layouts. We suggest this service especially for political books, textbooks, and other non-fiction genres.

Our editors will take you through this exciting process, while you progress in line with your goal and readers’ expectations of the graphics and overall value. Layout, text, and various images – what more can you ask for?

Complex Interior

Truly living up to its name, complex interior formatting includes the addition of indexing, and references in the content to indicate the photos used. This formatting style is best suited for technical manuscripts such as cookbooks, scientific resources, and history books.

It is a compilation of detailed text, numerous images, text box and table formatting, and indexing. Definitely not an average formatting service that can do without an expert’s finesse.