Frequently Asked Questions

Contrary to the popular belief that self-publishing a book is almost impossible for first-timers, we’re here to bust the myth. Scroll through our Frequently Asked Questions to gain more clarity about how Go Blossoms Publishing Inc. can help you achieve your dream.

We ensure that your book publishing aim is as simple and affordable as possible at Go Blossoms Publishing Inc.   Our team requires only the manuscript from you and that you leave the rest to us.  Let us handle it all for you from the cover design through formatting to editing!

Customer requirements and satisfaction are the top priority at Go Blossoms Publishing Inc., which is why we strive to provide exceptional customer service to every author who chooses to work with us. Not only do we offer different payment plans that suit your budget, but we also create service bundles on your request.

The price of any service you select at Go Blossoms Publishing Inc. is likely to vary depending on the requirements of your project. Get in touch with us today to determine what would work best for you.

Yes, you can buy a single service or as many as you like. The services can be selected and customized into a bundle for your convenience. We are determined to offer you a service that is unmatchable and completely in line with your book publishing needs.

Putting your trust in Go Blossoms Publishing Inc. gives you the leverage of omitting the need to hire a literary agent.  Our dedicated team of professionals will offer you guidance and consultation at every step of the publishing process; effectively help you to understand every aspect just like a literary agent would.

We promise to deliver results with which you will be 100% satisfied.  If you feel dissatisfied with the finished product, our team will redo the tasks until you are happy. Our mission is to help you create a book that you and your audience love for its overall appeal!

We understand that publishing a book in itself is a huge task, hence the profits that you earn for the persistent efforts you had put in while writing your manuscripts deserves to be only yours. Go Blossoms Publishing Inc. will keep 0% of the proceeds from every sale you make.

The best thing about getting your book published through Go Blossoms Publishing Inc. is that it won’t take years to complete, unlike most traditional publishing firms. The process will take a couple of months or even weeks from the first day you opt for any of our services.

If you wish to see your book in the market sooner, let us know and we will put in our best efforts to comply with your needs and timeline. The success of your book is our aim as much as yours.