About Us

A team of skilled members, we are here to bridge the gap between you and your readers by publishing work that is close to your heart.

Our company is intended to help fresh authors of all genres who want to self-publish their work. We provide personalized customer services to every customer and guarantee the quality of the work being published so that you get the best of what you deserve.

 At Go Blossoms Publishing Inc., we provide multiple services that help fresh authors self-publish their work. We assist authors to pass the publishing process easily without compromising on the quality of their work so that you get the best start to your writing career.

 While the words you write enters the heart of the reader, the overall look of your book is what attracts the eyes of the people you intend to reach out to. This is exactly where Go Blossoms Publishing Inc. steps in.

 We strive to provide our customers all the services, including cover design and illustrations, that can’t be overlooked once you set out to publishing your book. So, what are you waiting for? Browse through our services and select one, or multiple options, to suit your needs and make your book stand out from the crowd. 


Happy publishing!