We are thrilled to announce the availability of a highly experienced team of editors and professionals; the dedicated team guarantees to polish your content from the perspective of your readers, keeping them hooked till the last page!

From simple proofreading, to editing your copy and providing a detailed analysis and guidance of what more can be improved, our editing services offer it all. All you need to do is choose whether you need the manuscript to be only proofread, or also edited.

Refine your manuscript with the following editing services:

Line Editing

The task can seem difficult since it involves analyzing correct choice of words, inconsistent writing style, the effectiveness of sentences, and in fact everything in the manuscript that requires attention to detail.  Certainly an overwhelming task if done by an author himself, which is why the team at Go Blossoms Publishing Inc. is trained to make an author’s life easier!

The first stage of editing a book, line editing calls for editing a book by reading and improving the manuscript line by line. This is to see to the fact that the content is relevant and whether the language is concise.

Copy Editing

Copy editing services are mandatory to rely on to ensure that the language of your book is in accordance with the standardized English rules. This service scans your content not only for accuracy and consistency, but also tiny details such as spelling, punctuation, and syntax. Luckily you no longer have to worry about digging out the irrelevancies from the content on your own – our expert editors would love to help you!

Developmental Editing

Authors with larger budgets pick development editing to bring more finesse to their books. This service requires the highest level of effort and time on the author’s part. It includes working out the structure of the book, suggestions to make the manuscript even better with several rounds of revision that can efficiently aid authors to rewrite their books chapter by chapter to make more sense.

To serve the purpose, our developmental editing team works closely with people who are highly experienced in the genre that’s being worked on, leaving no room for mistakes.

Be assured that your actual content will never be altered without your consent.  Only as the author have full creative control over your manuscript which is safe with us. Besides, our team will only edit or rewrite parts of your work to any extent that you require – your satisfaction is what matters the most and can be guaranteed only with the coherency of the book that you want to publish.